The manufacturer of the Seed Contact lenses is Japan. These 1-day UV Lenses allow you to dispose of the lens after using it once. Significantly, it uses Alginic acid to formulate the natural moisturizer agent from the seaweeds, like, wakame and kelp. In effect, UV Contact Lenses make the eyes comfortable and more sharp. On balance, it holds the alginic acid in the packaging solution. Incorporating the exceptional wettability, 1-day UV Lenses has the lens surface all around the day. Usually, the Seed Contact lens online keeps away the impurities and dust away from the eye. It, therefore, maintains comfort and hygiene.

Why Seed Contact lenses?

These UV Contact Lenses are high-quality Acuvue Moist Eye Contact Lenses, Contact Lens Solution and Pure Vision Eye Contact Lenses. Specifically, the manufacturing of Seed Contact lens online lies in high-quality with well-known vendors. In particular, the Seed Contact lens has UltraVision CLPL protection. This brand is available in more proportion in Asia and largely, in Europe.

Additional Information

  • These UV Contact Lenses have the moisturizing agent. And, this agent is taken from the seaweeds, like, wakame or kelp. It is also known as Alginic Acid. 
  • The creation of these lenses is from the EED’s exclusive SEED Ionic Bond (SIB) material.
  • It has both negative and positive icons, with electrical stability. This, hence, stables the eyes and keeps the impurities and dust away from the lens. 
  • Notably, these contacts encompass three different power profiles. Even, the lenses are the same with ADD powers of +0.75, +1.50 and +2.25.