Acuvue is the eye card brand for disposable contact lenses. Acuvue contacts are manufactured in Limerick-based Vistakon and Jacksonville Florida. Moreover, Acuvue Contact Lens is a franchise of the Johnson & Johnson brand.

Nevertheless, it is one of the popular brands in the industry of eye care. Believe it or not, Acuvue creates its lenses by EYE-INSPIRED ™ INNOVATIONS for your eye. After all, it is about your eye care. Choose this brand to relish the universe clearly with ease and feel protected at the same time.

Why Acuvue Contacts?

Now, it is the time that you should move to an Acuvue contact lens for easy viewing. Not to mention, as the popular brand in the eye care industry, Acuvue offers best and convenient soft disposable contact lenses. In addition, it is not only giving us a crisp vision but also aiding in correcting the eyesight problems.

Additional Information

Together with hygiene and ease, these contacts give you the best vision quality. Certainly, there are many reasons for this, find out below:

  • Etafilicon A comes in usage while creating the contact lens. It is a flexible and soft substance that allows the oxygen to pass through.
  • Identically, the lenses use Lacreon, Hydraclear and Hydraclear Plus. Not to mention, it is important to maintain the moisture in the eyes.
  • Additionally, these contacts contain Accelerated Stabilization Design (ASD). It maintains lens stability even when you blink.
  • Comparatively, it does not let the deadly UV rays harm your eyes.