Pro Clear

Proclear Contact Lenses from CooperVision includes the specific PC technology. It, therefore, provides natural resistance for dehydration. In addition, the Proclear Coopervision Contact Lenses are biocompatible with the eye.  This is why the person can experience a great and sharp power range.

The Proclear lenses have a distinct range to handle the eyesight issues. Presbyopia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness are some of them. Surprisingly, as per the correction requirements, you can replace the lenses.

Why Proclear Contact Lenses?

Undoubtedly, these lenses are cleared by the US FDA for a claim.  Certainly, you can have a comfortable experience. Those who notice some irritation or dryness should go with Proclear Coopervision Contact Lenses.  The best part is, it simulates the matters attained simply in the human cell membrane.This technology allows the water molecules to be a part of the contact lens, by creating a natural resistance to dryness.

These are best for?

  • Farsightedness and Nearsightedness:  Those with nearsightedness find the close objects clearly, but the farther objects blurry. Whereas, in the case of farsightedness, distant objects can be seen sharply. But, things become blurry in close contact.
  • Replacement Schedule Monthly:   You can discard and replace the issues after the use.
  • UV Protection:   Of course, you can protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and assure total comfort.

Additional Information

  • Daily disposable; can be disposed of after use. 
  • Excellent comfort, crisp and clear vision
  • Assuredly, 96% of moisture and hydration, even, after wearing the lens for 12 hours.
  • Uniquely, it acknowledges the eye dryness issue.
  • PC technology is totally, biocompatible.  Hence, it binds the lens tightly with water.