Clariti- 1 Day Contact Lenses is the leading brand for your eyecare. Admittedly, these lenses are daily disposable, particularly, for presbyopia patients. It contains elements, like ultra-breathable silicone hydrogel for comfortable and healthy eyesight.

It has the daily disposable ability, that is why it is the first and excellent choice for the required one. Surely, you will also like to experience convenient and soft Clariti Contacts. Get the healthy advantage of the silicone hydrogel if you are looking for the best choice. Surely, these lenses provide convenient and easy usage, with a high-oxygen lens at economical cost.

Composition of 1-Day Contact Lenses

  • Somofilcon A is used to create it. It is a silicone hydrogel with 56% of water content. Reportedly, it has the highest water content comparatively. Surprisingly, this element does not cause any irritation, even though, relax your eyes.
  • Hydrophilic technology that binds and attracts the water molecules. In addition, it allows the contact lens surface to retain water and develops moisture on the lens walls.
  • UV protection with 98% of UV-B rays and 72% of UV-A. So, it makes the lenses an excellent choice for daily wear.

WetLoc technology maintains the moisture of Clariti 1 Day lenses.

  • Who can use Clariti contact lenses?
  • Those with long-sightedness
  • Those with short-sightedness
  • Those who use the lenses occasionally
  • Those who don’t want the botheration of daily-care routine

Last but, not least, it is advised to ask your Optometrist prior to using or buying the new lenses. Use it, only if they prescribe.