Bausch & Lomb is the manufacturer of Soflens Contact Lenses. These Daily Disposable Contact Lenses blend the performance with deposit-resistant and time-tested lens material. Hence, it assures comfort, crisp and clear vision. 

Soflens 1 day UV Lenses have the high-definition optics. That results in more clear and crisp vision. In addition, it reduces glare, halos, and blurriness. Notably, these lenses are thin that assures the natural feel on the eye. 

In integration with all this, the lens makes the cushion of the moisture all around the lens area. It, then, protects the eye from excess protein and makes it healthy and fresh. Choose the Soflens Contact Lenses to eliminate the fuss of handling. Though, make the process more comfortable from the starting to the end of the day.

Why Daily Disposable Contact Lens?

Particularly, an inversion and visibility tint aids deeply in managing and inserting the lens in the eye. Positively, the 1 day UV Lenses eliminates the need to offer a clear and sharp vision. Also, its improved and new packing is easy to handle and grip the case.

Additional information

  • Especially,  the ergonomic blister pack assures easy lens removal.
  • The comfortable lens pack incorporates the tear-away and easy-to-grip label.
  • In effect, these disposable lenses guarantee all-day comfort.
  • Preferably, there is no process of cleaning, storing and caring.
  • Precisely, wear the lens and throw them away after using.
  • Moreover, ComfortMoist technology makes your eyes moist and hydrated. It, therefore, allows the oxygen to pass through conveniently. 
  • The dimensions of Daily Disposable Contact Lens are; -0.50D to -6.00D .25D steps,  -6.50D to -9.00D in, .50D steps and +0.50D to +6.00D in .25D steps.

So, grab these lenses today to experience the softness and freshness of eyes all day long!!