Pure Vision

Pure Vision Contact Lenses from the Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses are best for the farsightedness and nearsightedness.  Furthermore, PureVision2 HD contact lenses have exceptional AeroGel matter.  

Surely, it provides a sharp vision with healthy eyes.  Of course, these lenses easily allow the oxygen to pass through.  Moreover, the contacts also hold the protein to build-up. It, therefore, maintains the comfort and smooth eyes.

Why Pure Vision Contact Lenses?

The lenses are best to use in any lifestyle.  The high-definition lenses contain the spherical aberration for a clear and sharp vision.  Identically, these contacts reduce the glare and halos to provide quality vision. The AerGel silicone hydrogel has the unique Performa Surface. 

PureVision2 HD contact lenses permits moisture retention and examines the build-up the protein deposits.  Equally important, it enables the 5 times more oxygen to pass through the lenses.  Now, as the weightless and thinnest lenses, it assures the smooth and the gentle contact in the eyes and the lid.  

Likewise, it holds ultra-thin rounded edges to make inserting the lens convenient. These are the thinnest lenses all around. So, get ready to have a natural feel and to the fact, you are not wearing a lens. 

Additional Information

Regardless, these Contact Lenses for Astigmatism lenses provide stable, clear and sharp vision.   Additionally, it does not let the lens to fall even when the eye blinks. This brand from Bausch & Lomb includes a unique optical design to check the far and near objects clearly. 

This eye lens brand markets the contact lens and can be used in 24 hours a day for at least 30 days and nights.