Bausch & Lomb is the name behind Lacelle Color Contact Lenses. Unleash your desire to try the different colors that define your personality. Indeed, it transforms your look and is best for fashion enthusiasts. The Lacelle lenses contain an exceptional lack-like pattern. It mixes well with your eye’s true color to match with the natural beauty. 

These Colors Contact Lenses are in several varieties, such as Premium, Classic and Circle. So, it works in the way that, when you update the classic account to premium. Then, the tone enhances from one to another. Simultaneously, these are then amplified to three tones and, hence, your eyes can look more natural.

Why Lacelle Colors Contact Lenses?

  • As these contact lenses have different color options. The color varies from hazel, green, brown, violet and green. 
  • In the classic one incorporates the aqua color. These lens colors are elegant, subtle and stylish. With the dark outline, the eyes definition increases. 
  • For the casual tone, the two-tone pattern blends. Whereas, the three-tone pattern color improves the eye look.
  • Moreover, the classic Colors Contact Lenses are more opaque and bright. To have a stunning look, the colors work best. Surely, these lenses enhance your look and add a bit of stylishness.
  • Because of the more moisturizer content, these contacts reduce the chances of protein creation. It, therefore, limits the discomfort and assures long-lasting experience.

Product Specifications

  • Water Content: 42%
  • Diameter: 14.0mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Power Range : -1.00 D to -6.00 D (0.25 D increments) and -6.50 D to -9.00 D (0.50 D increments